Contribute Your Stories: The Perspective of Your Voice

I could start off by asking if you have an Alaskan story to tell. But we all have stories.

The question is, do you have a story that you want to share.


To Newcomers: 

You may not have roots here, or have necessarily been here for a long time, but something has brought you here and you are fresh eyes and ears to this place that you now call home. Welcome to the most robust, colorful, complex and unique place you may ever know. Your experiences are welcome here.

To Urbanites:

You know better than anyone the hectic nature of the city life. Alaska’s urban centers are complex, diverse, and buzzing with change, new influences and activity, and demonstrate the welcome nature of Alaska and its people. Your stories are welcome here.


To Alaska’s First Peoples:

We are natural storytellers. Everything known in history and in knowledge is passed on through the story.

When English arrived, people began to speak it with greater frequency, many growing up speaking with a mixture of English and the words used wherever their family was from, creating new Englishes, combining ubiquitousness of this new Western tongue, which could be used to communicate for the first time with all parts of the Alaska, and the brilliant specificity of the languages of home; words for concepts or ideas that English simply lacked.

And then people were told that their English wasn’t “good” or “good enough” by so many external forces. However, when you talk to someone who is not from your community, you’re not going to use all these words that you know that person won’t understand, so you use the words you have in common, which may be less than all the words you actually know.

It is your voice that matters, your experience and the story. It is your reality, your experience, and your truth. Your stories are welcome here.


And so if you wish to share, you can email the site administrator at 


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