Nalliq is one person’s attempt to celebrate the Alaskan communities, to turn the focus from the writer, because the writer didn’t invent the cultures experienced while traveling; every credit should be directed and focused to the people and the communities whose invention, whether it be over decades or millennia, carefully cultivated the brilliance you see today. And that is why this collection has been named “Nalliq,” which means “to travel side by side” in Iñupiaq.

So while the words and photos are the work of the author, please note that the author had nothing to do with the creation of these places which do affect you and color your life in a very real way. These words are a mere shadow of the reality of the diversity of these state: Native, non-Native, urban, rural, traditional, modern, Alaskan, Western, From Here, Welcome Newcomers, good, bad, wealthy, less so, the beautiful and the ugly; all of these things comprise who we are as Alaskans.

This collection will attempt to tackle many of the issues felt by today’s Alaskans as we examine what it means to be Alaskan this day in age.

Nalliq will bring to the general readership a platform to learn more about the “corners of our state” and provide a place to share stories of your own as together we make our way through this Alaskan life. And if you ever have questions, stories you want to share, or suggestions for new posts, feel free to message the author or comment below.

In Love,


Photo: Matanuska-Susitna River, January 2015, work of the author.

Publisher: Cordelia Qiġnaaq Kellie, BA English Language and Rhetoric, UAA 2011


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